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Who is Jerry?

There are few things in life more important than pursuing a dream and making it a reality.

Jerry Schellhammer has pursued such a dream and now it is coming true through his persistence as a writer and author.

He began writing in junior high school and high school and realized then, that he wanted to pursue this endeavor and make it a life-long career.

After graduating from Washington State University with a BA in English, he continued writing, but came upon hurdles called the reality of life, where making a living was more important than his dreams.

It also became easier to put writing on hold while enjoying the vices of life such as overindulging in drinking and partying

In Jerry’s Words

In 2002, I suffered a massive stroke that affected my left side. My days of wine and roses were over and I made the fateful decision to go back to writing and to use that habit rather than using the one that nearly killed me.

I self-published my first book, This Life: My Life After my Stroke in 2012.
In 2018, I wrote various short stories that I eventually strung together into a novella through Amazon KDP called “Four Season, Edge of Darkness Book One.”
In 2020, I publishedFour Season, Pursuit of Justice book Two.”

In the meantime, I sent two manuscripts to Austin Macauley:
A Man’s Passion” and “I Albert Peabody.”
Both will be out in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

I have in mind to continue writing and sending finished manuscripts to those who want to publish them, and, if necessary, to keep using Amazon KDP to self-publish, and work at making a comfortable living.

— Jerry Schellhammer

Jerry Schellhammer - Author - Writer

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