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How Safe Are We?

I have concerned friends and family member who have concerns, fears, and outright paranoia about the vaccines available to us through the pharmaceutical companies that offer them. From personal experience, I have taken both shot of the Moderna vaccine and while had side affects akin to a mild flu bug I feel fine. But …

For Every Action

The action by the Georgia State Legislator is a case in point. The governor, Brian Kemp signed the law apparently not realizing the consequences that it would have. The law, Georgia’s Election law is as much about restricting minority voting as anything we’ve seen since the bad old days of Jim Crow.

Shot in the Dark

Two more mass shootings by two more individuals with demons in their heads and lots of guns ammo to show their message for all to see.

As I Sit Here

As I sit here in front of this blank document slowly transforming into a story, a blog, a poem, a confession, I begin with a thought, an idea that might bare fruit or bear the weight of the world.

Writing For Fun

Writing for fun is as I described in last week’s blog an effort in pure writing where I just write the story out regardless of errors or syntax mistakes. The real work is the part that tend to be not so fun because editing a story is an entirely different animal. In a sense, to use a metaphor, editing is like taming a wild beast.

Writing From the Heart

My fellow readers I just finished watching a fascinating interview on “60 Minutes”
featuring writer, Colson Whitehead. It gave me an idea that I hope helps you understand my motivation for writing in general and developing the characters to my books I’ve published thus far and to continue down the road. So here it goes.

And Another Thing

I’m reading the news, which of course many of my conservative friends call fake to inform me of the CPAC convention going on in Florida this weekend. Obviously, they are resurrecting Trumpism and bringing him off life support so he could help take back Congress in two years and of course win back the Presidency.

Home Coming

Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake, Washington released my stepson from their care having determined he was no longer a threat to himself or others after his last psychotic episode back in September.

Book Preview

To my loyal readers, the following is a sample of my latest published book, A Man’s Passion. If you are interested, it’s available online at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon in print and E-book formats. Thank you all for your continued support.

A New Week

I missed that magazine; Newsweek back when it was a shiny magazine I could pull off any magazine rack at any grocery or book store. Now Newsweek as well as many of those bookstores are figments of our collective memories.

A Man’s Passion Release

It’s been two weeks since my book’s release and I hadn’t heard any great numbers coming across from my publisher yet. I sent Marketing an update on my end and I was expecting to hear positive feedback but got nothing really.

History Repeating Itself

While I’m a firm believer in justice and allowing the culprit pay for his crime, I don’t believe we need to repeat history and convict Trump in the Senate for his obvious role of inciting the riots on the capitol last week.


I am still appalled by what occurred in our very capitol yesterday. I read the news feeds and saw the news on NBC. I just can’t believe that a sitting president would have this sickening love for power to stoke the fires of insurrection and encourage his fanatical followers to launch an attack against our very fundamental institution of democracy.

It’s 6:45

It’s 6:45 on a Saturday evening a day after the new year 2021 has finally graced us with its presence.

A Christmas Wish

While Christmas isn’t my most favorite holiday, it’s definitely in the top three. I remember wanting stuff growing up. You know, those material things we want but somehow Mom and Dad couldn’t afford.

What’s in a Name?(Change)

Apparently a lot when it comes to how our nation has changed inn the past 100 years. The American Native Americans have fought for and received the name change for many sports franchises including the Washing NFL team …

Release Date

It’s official! The release date for A Man’s Passion is set for January 9, 2021.

The Moment I’ve Been Waiting For

Yesterday I received an email from my publisher at Austin Macauley. Hanna is the production director and stated in the email that she sent me an application for certification to have the manuscript A Man’s Passion print ready once I read through it a final time and the signed certificate back.

My Writing Projects

Last night I just finished my first draft of Luke Warm. It’s about teenaged girls being abducted and the protagonist, in this case Luke Warm, an investigative TV reporter who exposes them from local, regional, and finally internationally.

Here’s Looking at You

I guess there are two realities in this country right now, ours and Donald Trump’s. In our reality, Biden won the election and is presently sitting on his thumbs waiting for the federal government to allow him access to information related to National Security and COVID 19.

What to do Now that Alex is Gone

It wasn’t devastating news that came on Sunday that Alex Trebek had succumb to cancer. Everyone who heard the news earlier back before the pandemic that he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer knew his days were numbered.

Trip Line Hazard:Oops!

There I was, leaving a pet store and not noticing a crack in the pavement
of the parking lot.
Then I fell, tripping onto the lot and landing face first.

A Glimmer of Hope

With the election less than a week away, I being the moderately liberal Democrat that I am has a glimmer of hope it will actually go the way of the polls. But also, I have a better glimmer hope going on that is something I brought up last week with my A Man’s Passion project.


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