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The Gulley

It’s a place in my previous life in East Wenatchee I knew all too well. A cavernous gulley that for some mysterious reason happened to be on top of a hilltop. I don’t to this day know what geologic forces played a role in its development but suffice to say it was a magical and adventurous place for a young boy and his dog to explore.


Sunday, I threw my back out somehow. I’m going to see my doctor, Cyndi at the Kaiser Permanente clinic this afternoon. I’m in pain but semi-functional as I inform you my loyal readers that I had some not-so-great news from my publisher in regard to the royalty payment I’ve waited since August for.


The eleventh hours of the eleventh day of the eleventh month Private Doug Clark wasted away in an endless trench on the Western Front; a wasteland of craters, mud and tree trunks splintered by bombs and howitzer shells.  He shivered in damp and cold air.  His coat that everyone assured him would keep him warm, was wet and useless. 

Truth Stranger than Fiction?

True story, which is funny because I have a rough draft of a similar plot in the works awaiting editing and beta reading. A 19-year-old boyfriend sells his under aged girlfriend into a sex slavery ring in Seattle for $1,000. Daddy finds out about it, goes, and rescues his daughter and brings her safely back to Spokane.

Unfortunate Accident?

I saw the news report about the Alec Baldwin shooting. I heard how the armorer on the Rust movie set who was responsible for insuring all rounds are set and catalogued so that no live rounds are in the prop gun. Yes this is a very preventable and unfortunate accident, yet I have to wonder, if this was an accident, who ultimately is responsible for Halyna Hutchins death.

What A Place

This place I moved to is a house near a golf course in the central portion of Spokane also known as the Audubon Neighborhood. Unlike the house I lived and own, the neighborhood is far removed from the cares and concerns of crime, poverty and blight.

A Funny Thing Happened

Not really funny, sad is more to the point. The good news out of this experience these last few days is that I am back to work. On Tuesday I came home—Lilly and Tom’s home—from going to the library to look over my emails, send out new resumes to potential employers and reading the local news from the Twin Falls Times.

The Cat Box

That woman came home this evening smiling down at me while I was taking my daily cat nap. Being that I’m over 90 years old in cat years, I feel entitled to one or a dozen such naps in a day. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I remember now, That human female came into my room and presented me with something inside a shopping bag.

Unusual Indeed

I applied for a writing job a while back through the Indeed job search site and I received a response for a job offer. I assumed it is legitimate. I even had an interview with this company on Thursday via Zoom. On Friday I received word that I had the job and I just needed to fill out some paperwork and then I could start training on the next Monday.

My Next Project

I don’t know if any of my loyal readers had ever read or saw the movie Slaughterhouse Five, by Kurt Vonnegut, but the story line is that the main character, Billy Pilgrim, exposed to the horrors of war, traveling through a time machine from past to present and then future to find a truth.

Back To Basics

I’ll touch on the unpleasant habits later but the good things she’s learning are numbers especially when her mother announces “One…Two…Three.” She knows not to cross the threshold after three because of the dire consequences involved; letters of the alphabet which she already know A is for her name and P is for her brother’s name. So,

The Camp Out

Last Friday we set out up north in our camper to the north country, north of Ketchum and in the Saw Tooth Range where glacier peaks used to be common but now because of global warming are bare rock. In a way it is a sad commentary of how our species have seen fit to destroy ourselves this way

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

I’m saying good bye to Zeus, our dog and member of our family for nearly twelve years. It wasn’t anything like he was run over by a car or anything quite so tragic. It has to do with him wanting to be the Alpha of the pack and that wasn’t acceptable to Lillie my mother-in-law.

The Camp Out

Last Friday we set out up north in our camper to the north country, north of Ketchum and in the Saw Tooth Range where glacier peaks used to be common but now because of global warming are bare rock.

Bye Bye Bobby

It was a trying afternoon yesterday when our beloved cockatiel, Bobby left us and went to Bird Heaven. I took it very hard because for twelve years I fed and watered him, made him comfortable and relatively happy.

The Truth of the Matter

The local newspaper in Twin Falls has an editor who put out an op-ed piece that dealt with how certain people treat their political affiliation like it was their religion. She was absolutely spot-on in her assessment that many see that their opinions are truth, when in fact they are merely opinions.

Rolling Along with a New Book

Yes, my loyal readers, you saw right. Austin Macauley my publisher from my first two books, A Man’s Passion, and I Albert Peabody, has agreed to republish Edge of Darkness. As you recall I had my good friend Tyson edit and format the first edition back in 2018 and got it published through Amazon in 2019.

The Coffee’s Hot This Morning

I went to the kitchen and the coffee is still pouring through the filter and hopper full of grounds. I decided to write my blog though I don’t have any idea exactly what I want to write about this morning. I pour a cup of coffee in my Yeti mug. The coffee’s hot this morning.

A New Job? Maybe

As you all know I’ve been looking for work to help pay the bills and keep my sanity. I received a call—text message telling me they liked what I offered in my resume and cover letter. She invited me to go on another phone App and contact this individual who was going to interview me.

Writing For Change

I got my latest issue from Writer’s Digest the other day. Back when I lived in Spokane going on three months ago, I picked up the mail from my PO box once a week. Now, the rural mail delivers my bills, advertisements and periodicals at the mailbox with red flag just up the drive from the road I reside from…

This Bird Man

You have all heard of the Bird Man from Albatross, where this prison inmate befriends pigeons while serving a life sentence on the Rock known as Albatross. All week I had no idea what to write out as my subject for my blog for you my loyal readers to enjoy.

What a Week

This last week was remarkable and not necessarily in a good way either. My step daughter got married a second time to a second husband in a small church inside a small town just outside Spokane. My wife and I went, taking our dog Zeus and getting a motel that my stepson raved about. It was a horrendous, stinky, carpet-stained room with cigarette burns on the bathroom sink and carpet.

Smelling Like A Rose

I was never this lucky, I reminded myself when I saw the special news alert concerning Bill Cosby’s conviction. It’s most likely why I never even tried because I knew the consequences of ignoring when she said “No.”


I’m doing promotions and advertising via Facebook on my last bit of good news that I shared using the page devoted to “A Man’s Passion.”
Well, I got results from various people and four interesting comments which all four implied or downright accused my post of being spam.

Father’s Day

It came to me then as now that what he really wanted from me was company; someone to hang around with and talk about things when not in the company of my mom and his wife.


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