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History Repeating Itself

While I’m a firm believer in justice and allowing the culprit pay for his crime, I don’t believe we need to repeat history and convict Trump in the Senate for his obvious role of inciting the riots on the capitol last week.


I am still appalled by what occurred in our very capitol yesterday. I read the news feeds and saw the news on NBC. I just can’t believe that a sitting president would have this sickening love for power to stoke the fires of insurrection and encourage his fanatical followers to launch an attack against our very fundamental institution of democracy.

It’s 6:45

It’s 6:45 on a Saturday evening a day after the new year 2021 has finally graced us with its presence.

A Christmas Wish

While Christmas isn’t my most favorite holiday, it’s definitely in the top three. I remember wanting stuff growing up. You know, those material things we want but somehow Mom and Dad couldn’t afford.

What’s in a Name?(Change)

Apparently a lot when it comes to how our nation has changed inn the past 100 years. The American Native Americans have fought for and received the name change for many sports franchises including the Washing NFL team …

Release Date

It’s official! The release date for A Man’s Passion is set for January 9, 2021.

The Moment I’ve Been Waiting For

Yesterday I received an email from my publisher at Austin Macauley. Hanna is the production director and stated in the email that she sent me an application for certification to have the manuscript A Man’s Passion print ready once I read through it a final time and the signed certificate back.

My Writing Projects

Last night I just finished my first draft of Luke Warm. It’s about teenaged girls being abducted and the protagonist, in this case Luke Warm, an investigative TV reporter who exposes them from local, regional, and finally internationally.

Here’s Looking at You

I guess there are two realities in this country right now, ours and Donald Trump’s. In our reality, Biden won the election and is presently sitting on his thumbs waiting for the federal government to allow him access to information related to National Security and COVID 19.

What to do Now that Alex is Gone

It wasn’t devastating news that came on Sunday that Alex Trebek had succumb to cancer. Everyone who heard the news earlier back before the pandemic that he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer knew his days were numbered.

Trip Line Hazard:Oops!

There I was, leaving a pet store and not noticing a crack in the pavement
of the parking lot.
Then I fell, tripping onto the lot and landing face first.

A Glimmer of Hope

With the election less than a week away, I being the moderately liberal Democrat that I am has a glimmer of hope it will actually go the way of the polls. But also, I have a better glimmer hope going on that is something I brought up last week with my A Man’s Passion project.

Truly Remarkable

My wife is upset about a whole bunch of things, not least of which is me. At any rate, if you hadn’t been up on the current event in our lives, we are in the process of moving. She is packing and wringing her hands and praying that the nasty and horrible winter won’t come too soon.

Something About Isolation

It’s been seven months since this pandemic thing started and while I am fortunate enough to be back working and getting some semblance of normalcy, I know that many people are still isolated.

Loneliness of Life Part 3

“Yes, coco has not been seen for awhile and the humans who feed us and makes us squawk about are mum about it. They act if she never existed and she was here long before me. It is a mystery and I haven’t a clue about her.”

The Loneliness of Life Part 2

I stayed home and didn’t like it. Daddy always takes me to wherever, but this time only the dog named Coco went, leaving here alone. Maybe it was the way they both talked and looked at her that got me thinking that this trip Coco took wasn’t such a treat after all.

The Loneliness of Life

Coco is a dog. She doesn’t understand what’s about to occur to her later on today.
I’m not sure I understand. She doesn’t deserve this; no one does but options outside life come into play.

In Darkness is Light

“You two are trying to kill me!,” my wife and I were startled out of a deep sleep. “Hello, yeah I’m calling to report a murder You better get here right away. My mom and dad are attempting to kill me.”

Labor Day Fun

Monday brought an extreme weather event that in January would be called either a Polar Vortex or an Alberta Clipper. On this day it was hell on earth. Winds came out from the east. The event not only downed trees, power lines that in turn created new fires or reignited old ones that many fire departments in the area assumed were out.

What I Got from the Crazines

They’re finally over, the conventions I mean. It used to be an exercise in civic duty and pride, now it has become a three-ring circus of blame games and fear mongering the lights of which I have never seen.

What is Freedom Really?

There’s a quote from Robert F Kennedy that defines to me what freedom is all about, treating all Americans with justice, understanding and tolerance. But, there are those people out there who define freedom as a choice to disobey mandates set forth by a Democratic governor because doing so mean giving up their own freedom of choice.

The Last Week

Though I’d love nothing better than to tell you my readers every facet of my time there with my uncle and aunt, time isn’t really on my side here. So I’m condensing this part into the last week.


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