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A New Job? Maybe

As you all know I’ve been looking for work to help pay the bills and keep my sanity. I received a call—text message telling me they liked what I offered in my resume and cover letter. She invited me to go on another phone App and contact this individual who was going to interview me.

Writing For Change

I got my latest issue from Writer’s Digest the other day. Back when I lived in Spokane going on three months ago, I picked up the mail from my PO box once a week. Now, the rural mail delivers my bills, advertisements and periodicals at the mailbox with red flag just up the drive from the road I reside from…

This Bird Man

You have all heard of the Bird Man from Albatross, where this prison inmate befriends pigeons while serving a life sentence on the Rock known as Albatross. All week I had no idea what to write out as my subject for my blog for you my loyal readers to enjoy.

What a Week

This last week was remarkable and not necessarily in a good way either. My step daughter got married a second time to a second husband in a small church inside a small town just outside Spokane. My wife and I went, taking our dog Zeus and getting a motel that my stepson raved about. It was a horrendous, stinky, carpet-stained room with cigarette burns on the bathroom sink and carpet.

Smelling Like A Rose

I was never this lucky, I reminded myself when I saw the special news alert concerning Bill Cosby’s conviction. It’s most likely why I never even tried because I knew the consequences of ignoring when she said “No.”


I’m doing promotions and advertising via Facebook on my last bit of good news that I shared using the page devoted to “A Man’s Passion.”
Well, I got results from various people and four interesting comments which all four implied or downright accused my post of being spam.

Father’s Day

It came to me then as now that what he really wanted from me was company; someone to hang around with and talk about things when not in the company of my mom and his wife.

Missing A Connection

While I was in the process of doing that I received a call from the local Social Security office. Did I mention the day was socked in with rain, clouds, and wind? It was and apparently that had something to do with the Social Security agent trying to communicate with me.

Gone Fishing

After we were ready Dave began trolling, keeping the boat’s speed down by idling the outboard engine and moving gently over the pond’s surface. I also teased the fish by bobbing the rod up and down slightly, jigging for a bite.

On the Job Hunt

I’ve been looking for part time writing/blogging jobs that will help pay the bills and keep a sense of sanity here where I’m sharing living arrangements with my mother in-law, Tom and my wife. I found a couple sites that I’ve been using that hold promise, though I’m sure I will soon discover how good they actually are.

More About Gooding, Idaho

As I have mentioned in numerous previous blogs to you my loyal readers, the stepson is a lazy young man living month to month on social security disability, though the money he receives lasts maybe a couple of days because he spends that siphon like it’s nothing and is broke the rest of the month.

Gooding, Idaho

The day is cold. We drove most of twelve hours the day before in a foul cold, windy and rainy day and today felt raw and cold on our skin. I wore my jacket and shivered indoors. I looked north and west seeing the horizon of overcast clouds moving quickly with the wind pass the foothill and mountains like a run-away train.

My New Beginning

I just awoke in a newer house in Gooding a small farming committee in Southern Idaho. This is my new home. Spokane is a distant memory now.
We will return but less and less frequently. The move itself was arduous, frustrating and long. I wanted to leave early. Well, earlier than when everyone else were willing or ready. The moving van still wasn’t loaded by yesterday morning when my wife and woke up in a cheap motel room.

20 Years of Where the Fun Never Ends

Last night I was sitting at big round table surrounded by a few of my friends and former team members from Northern Quest Resort and Casino discussing my life and career there these past 20 years. Yesterday was my last day there, having decided prior to moving down to our new adventures in Southern Idaho to retire and pursue my writing ambition full time.

And the Winner is, Justice.

The look on his face whether it was disbelief or anger said it all for me. I was to say the least, hopeful and a little surprised by the verdict. After all Rodney King is still fresh in my mind from when he was beaten by Los Angeles Police officers back on March 3, 1991.


“Mommy!” I screamed as he hurt her over and over with the knife he brought. I knife he used to stab her and sliced her face and arms until she couldn’t hold them up to defend herself, or me.

How Safe Are We?

I have concerned friends and family member who have concerns, fears, and outright paranoia about the vaccines available to us through the pharmaceutical companies that offer them. From personal experience, I have taken both shot of the Moderna vaccine and while had side affects akin to a mild flu bug I feel fine. But …

For Every Action

The action by the Georgia State Legislator is a case in point. The governor, Brian Kemp signed the law apparently not realizing the consequences that it would have. The law, Georgia’s Election law is as much about restricting minority voting as anything we’ve seen since the bad old days of Jim Crow.

Shot in the Dark

Two more mass shootings by two more individuals with demons in their heads and lots of guns ammo to show their message for all to see.

As I Sit Here

As I sit here in front of this blank document slowly transforming into a story, a blog, a poem, a confession, I begin with a thought, an idea that might bare fruit or bear the weight of the world.

Writing For Fun

Writing for fun is as I described in last week’s blog an effort in pure writing where I just write the story out regardless of errors or syntax mistakes. The real work is the part that tend to be not so fun because editing a story is an entirely different animal. In a sense, to use a metaphor, editing is like taming a wild beast.

Writing From the Heart

My fellow readers I just finished watching a fascinating interview on “60 Minutes”
featuring writer, Colson Whitehead. It gave me an idea that I hope helps you understand my motivation for writing in general and developing the characters to my books I’ve published thus far and to continue down the road. So here it goes.

And Another Thing

I’m reading the news, which of course many of my conservative friends call fake to inform me of the CPAC convention going on in Florida this weekend. Obviously, they are resurrecting Trumpism and bringing him off life support so he could help take back Congress in two years and of course win back the Presidency.

Home Coming

Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake, Washington released my stepson from their care having determined he was no longer a threat to himself or others after his last psychotic episode back in September.


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