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Boomer Ang: Part 4

“Chief, I got a witness who gave me a credible lead,” he said to a rather big man who wore suspenders over a white shirt and had a bolo tie drawn partially down to allow his top button to be opened. I sniffed his cotton trousers; he owns a poodle and a cat. He drinks coffee and just ate a donut. I was also getting hungry and so I sniffed the air for those same donuts.

Boomer Ang: Part 3

During the night I roamed the bigger house. I was in a room Detective Mike called a pantry where cans of food were stored, and a blanket was set on the tiled floor. It was hard and reminded me of the doghouse I slept in at Master Bob’s house. I sniff everything. Her scent is everywhere on everything in the kitchen, the living room, and their bedroom.

Boomer Ang: 2

I awoke at darkness time. Master Bob’s dark form laid there as it had since I fell asleep. My sadness deepened. I licked his face. It was cold and stiff. I felt hungry and thirsty. I walked around the darkened house, my night sight seeing everything in a grayish tone. I went by his bedroom across the hall from the bathroom and saw the curtain moving from a breeze. Well, that is interesting.

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“Grannie Hattie, are you ready?”
Hattie Black’s back appeared stooped, the wrinkles on her pale, ivory face pronounced, and the liver spotted hands held her walker in front of her to help her maneuver about her room of the assisted living facility. It was warm and sunny that early October morning in Coral Gables, Florida.
Dorothy, though everyone in their family called her Dot, just turned twenty and was engaged to a college football athlete named Rex. Dot’s nose piercing gave away her generation, along with the tattoo of a unicorn prominently displayed on her upper back and shoulder to the chagrin of her great-grandmother. Her brown hair had a natural curl to it. Dot wore shorts, white blouse and sandals, and her Ray-Bans held up on her head.

New Release - Four Seasons Book Two - A Search For Justice - Jerry Schellhammer

Just Released

Mark is driving toward Missoula Airport with Hector and he asks him if he has anything to get off his chest; anything at all. Hector denies he does, but it’s a lie. There is a secret Hector has promised to keep from Mark. Four Seasons: A Search for Justice (In Pursuit of Justice) places Mark and Hector on their road to becoming FBI agents and solving crimes.“Road Trip,” is a Parody of “Three Little Pigs.” Mark bought a beat up Dodge Aspen Wagon on the same day he received a letter from Hector urging him to join the FBI. After much encouraging, Mark and Hector go from Richland, Washington through North Platte, Nebraska, a small bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania to a cul de sac just up the road to confront the assassin Che Lopez hired to take them out.

Latest Novelas

Four Seasons Series

“I couldn’t put the book down because it was so fascinating! Found the characters believable and the plot was well put together and tangible. I recommend to anyone who likes fiction and or mysteries.” — Edge of Darkness — Josh S.

“I loved the way the author transforms you into each scene through descriptive language. Sometimes comical, because although very serious situations, you can imagine the individuals perspective.” — Edge of Darkness — Tina N.

Novela - Edge Of Darkness - Mark Marteu - Jerry Schellhammer

Edge Of Darkness

Novela - A Search For Justice - Jerry Schellhammer

A Search For Justice

Novela - Deuteronomy 32:35 - Jerry Schellhammer

Deuteronomy 32:35

Jerry Schellhammer - Author - Writer

About Jerry Schellhammer

His latest work is A Life Well-Lived, a In 1984 I went to Washington State University and majored in English with an emphasis on writing, and minored in Communications, with an emphasis on journalism. I graduated in 1987. While I looked for work in my career goal, I also continued working on my writing, trying diligently to get that book I was working on, in the hands of someone who would want to publish it, but a funny thing happened to me; life and that sometimes interferes with dreams and aspirations.

My Book

This Life: My Life After My Stroke

There is a beginning to this story called life. I ended one aspect of life on November 21, 2002. My new life is ongoing. Here is what happens when excess interferes with one’s will to live.

All that changed this day, when heading towards a pool table to shoot a shot …. my left leg decided to suddenly and unexpectedly give out. There’s no rhyme or reason for this …

Jerry Schelhammer

This Life changed dramatically following a stroke that left me rethinking where and what and why I messed up so badly. Then realizing life really is too short and a new positive approach needed to be enacted for my life to really mean something.

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