Oklahoma Or Bust

Back in December I searched the web, trolling over possible deals and went to the Delta Airlines site and out of an abundance of curiosity, looked up round trip ticket prices to Oklahoma. I have an Uncle and three cousins who live there. To my amazement it was nearly as expensive a proposition as I feared. As a matter of fact it was quite reasonable to fly.

The You Tube Interview

It was a bit more than I anticipated. I actually thought this was going to be a radio interview, but as you my loyal readers will see, it was a You tube video and radio interview.
For those of you who have read my book and wish to see me write more thought provoking literature, have your friends watch the video that is about A Man’s Passion.

Out With the Old

The news was good. The person allegedly responsible for the quadruple homicide of the University of Idaho college students was found in Pennsylvania at his parents’ house. This person was a post graduate student working on his doctorate in Criminal Justice at Washington State University.