What is Freedom Really?

There’s a quote from Robert F Kennedy that defines to me what freedom is all about, treating all Americans with justice, understanding and tolerance. But, there are those people out there who define freedom as a choice to disobey mandates set forth by a Democratic governor because doing so mean giving up their own freedom of choice.

My New and Improved Website

Last week, my web master Frank asked me about changing my site to make it look newer and fresher. Since I got two new books coming out shortly, he thought it would be a good idea to give you, my readers a better look into my projects that I worked on what will undoubtedly show up on bookstore shelves in the future.

Where We go From Here

Sunday evening after coming home from work and doing my usual chores before relaxing and preparing to get myself motivated for the next day I watched TV and saw a special report that I should stay away Downtown Spokane because of a civil disturbance occurring. A half hour later,. local news reporters holding microphones andContinue reading “Where We go From Here”