Truth Stranger than Fiction?

True story, which is funny because I have a rough draft of a similar plot in the works awaiting editing and beta reading. A 19-year-old boyfriend sells his under aged girlfriend into a sex slavery ring in Seattle for $1,000. Daddy finds out about it, goes, and rescues his daughter and brings her safely back to Spokane.

Unfortunate Accident?

I saw the news report about the Alec Baldwin shooting. I heard how the armorer on the Rust movie set who was responsible for insuring all rounds are set and catalogued so that no live rounds are in the prop gun. Yes this is a very preventable and unfortunate accident, yet I have to wonder, if this was an accident, who ultimately is responsible for Halyna Hutchins death.

Unusual Indeed

I applied for a writing job a while back through the Indeed job search site and I received a response for a job offer. I assumed it is legitimate. I even had an interview with this company on Thursday via Zoom. On Friday I received word that I had the job and I just needed to fill out some paperwork and then I could start training on the next Monday.