Last Night

Well there I was sleeping when my wife crawled into bed next to me and asked, “You asleep?”

“No,” I lied, figuring she had something to get off her chest.

“My son got arrested. He’s in jail,” she told me in a matter-of-fact tone that told me how upset she was with her son.

I was fully awake now. “What for? DUI?”

“No, driving without a license and no license plates on that car he bought.”

It’s no secret that the police in this town of nearly 500,000 have better things to do with their Friday nights, and going after a car that has no license plate, isn’t high on their priority lists, unless of course, the officer was a rookie on his or hers first ever patrol.

Or, he did something else equally stupid, like drive too fast, weaving between the lines, driving too slow or not using his turn signals. All of which are tell-tale signs of someone under the influence of drugs like marijuana or alcohol.

She rambled off some more before she drifted off to sleep. I stayed awake, not so much because of my stepson, but the stories I’ve worked on. I’m almost done reformatting the third book in the Four Seasons series and was looking at the next three books that will come up hopefully later this year.

This morning I finally remembered the title of the one story I wanted used in book number five. Now that that is squared away, I can start organizing that into a coherent format for both e-book and print versions.

Now it appears we have to drive into Spokane Valley, where he parked his car last night. Hopefully, it wasn’t impounded.

Published by Jerry Schellhammer

I'm a prospective writer with an unassuming job working as a janitor at a tribal casino near Spokane, Washington. Writing is my passion, though my family seem to think I'm wasting my time. This is fine; their expectations of me are low and they tend to leave me alone in my office writing out my stories of mystery and suspense. I have a BA in English with emphasis in professional writing from Washington State University, my website: is available for everyone to see my list of writing accomplishments and hopefully buy my first published book, or my many short stories available on Amazon.

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