Trip Line Hazard:Oops!

There I was, leaving a pet store and not noticing a crack in the pavement
of the parking lot.

Then I fell, tripping onto the lot and landing face first.

Blood poured from my head and I called my wife. Naturally, it went to voice mail. The clerk inside the store was alerted by another customer and she ran out in distress, apologizing as she handed me wet paper towels and then a wet towel to help me stop the bleeding.

Obviously, I looked like a mess. My wife called and I told her what happened. Naturally, she overreacted and before she arrived the fire department showed up with four paramedics who assessed me.

She arrived and we went to the local hospital’s ER and waited…and waited…and waited.

I was given a CT scan of my noggin and told I still have a brain somewhere inside, but I have a fractured nose.

I was prescribed some pain killers and antibiotics. I came home to very hungry and upset birds.

Published by Jerry Schellhammer

I'm a prospective writer with an unassuming job working as a janitor at a tribal casino near Spokane, Washington. Writing is my passion, though my family seem to think I'm wasting my time. This is fine; their expectations of me are low and they tend to leave me alone in my office writing out my stories of mystery and suspense. I have a BA in English with emphasis in professional writing from Washington State University, my website: is available for everyone to see my list of writing accomplishments and hopefully buy my first published book, or my many short stories available on Amazon.

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