A Man’s Passion Release

It’s been two weeks since my book’s release and I hadn’t heard any great numbers coming across from my publisher yet. I sent Marketing an update on my end and I was expecting to hear positive feedback but got nothing really.

I’m banking on some reviews from you my loyal readers who have purchased A Man’s Passion. They promised they would include those reviews on the next printing, which I’m counting on sizable sales from.

Marketing also threw out feelers to bookstores and libraries in the area. They said they hadn’t heard back from them yet.

Of course, the problem, and it’s not just with me but everyone else who has released a book in the past year, it’s nearly impossible to get the marketing roller coaster rolling with this pandemic. I was hoping to do some kind of book signings but that isn’t even an option here.

So the best possible thing I can do is count on positive reviews to start flooding Amazon and Barnes & Noble to get a boost of support and sales. Right now marketing is at best iffy. I’m optimistic this book will take off because it is such an important story today.

Published by Jerry Schellhammer

I'm a prospective writer with an unassuming job working as a janitor at a tribal casino near Spokane, Washington. Writing is my passion, though my family seem to think I'm wasting my time. This is fine; their expectations of me are low and they tend to leave me alone in my office writing out my stories of mystery and suspense. I have a BA in English with emphasis in professional writing from Washington State University, my website: www.jerryschellhammer.com is available for everyone to see my list of writing accomplishments and hopefully buy my first published book, or my many short stories available on Amazon.

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